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Supporting dialogues

Includes any technology that facilitates a relay of responses or conversations. Dialogue can be public—in an open environment with multiple participants—or private—between two users. Many discussion forums include both, allowing participants to converse with each other outside the general discussion.

  • Online chat
    • a facility that allows real-time text or voice communication over the Internet.
      • [show_image.php?id=42|IRC (Internet Relay Chat)], [show_image.php?id=43|a chat room]
      • [show_image.php?id=44|MSN/Windows Messenger], [show_image.php?id=45|Yahoo Messenger], [show_image.php?id=46|Skype(VoIP)], [show_image.php?id=59|Gizmo(VoIP)]
      • <a href="http://ecrp.mgt.qub.ac.uk/phpopenchat/" target="_blank">PHP Open Chat</a>

  • [show_image.php?id=47|Online video conferencing]
    • is used to hold group meetings or live presentations over the Internet.

  • Electronic mailing list
    • all subscribed individuals automatically receive e-mails sent to the list
      • Newsletters - email information releases - one to many
      • E-mailing list - many to many

  • Discussion forums
    • an on-line service that allows registered users to post questions and responses to other posted questions. In a discussion forum participants with common interests can exchange open messages and develop their arguments.

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